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Hinged Welded Spring Bow Centralizer (S-11)

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Eneroil’s hinged welded bow spring centralizer is a high-quality welded product that meets or exceeds API 10D specifications. These centralizers combine a very high restoring force with a very low starting force. The centralizers feature bow springs strongly welded to its end collars. This welded design provides excellent downhole durability. Premium quality bows made of a special alloy steel with uniform hardness provide optimum performance and excellent stand-off. The end collars are available in a latch-on design with a high-strength steel-locking pin for maximum structural toughness. With a choice of six different bow heights, a perfect combination for casing/open hole configuration can be achieved.
Furthermore, the installation of Eneroil’s welded hinged bow spring centralizers on the casing pipe is very convenient, as it requires only the placement of the two assembled halves on the pipe and the insertion of the pin in the end collar hinge. Additionally, the centralizer when unassembled makes a compact package, greatly reducing shipping cost.