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Slip-On Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer (S-22)

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Slip On Welded Rigid Bow Centralizer from Eneroil Offshore is uniquely designed with a flat-bottom U-profile of different depths, which permit an extremely high fluid passage. These Slip On Positive centralizers may be used for both casing and tubing applications that require concentric casing strings. The straight bows provide nearly 100% stand-off (concentricity) when running inside a cased hole, while the end collars, being slip-on types, provide maximum structural toughness.
The premium-quality bows are strongly welded to the end collars and are made of a special alloy steel with uniform hardness providing optimum performance. Furthermore, the installation of Eneroil’s slip-on welded positive bow centralizers on the casing pipe is very convenient, as the centralizer can be slipped on the casing pipe from one end at the time of installation.