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Slip-on Welded Semi-rigid Bow Spring Centralizer (S-31)

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Eneroil’s slip-on welded semi-rigid bow spring centralizers ensure high efficiency in casing jobs on deviated and horizontal wells. Combining the features of a standard bow spring centralizer with those of a rigid centralizer, these centralizers provide a very high restoring force in combination with a very low starting force for centralising the casing pipe in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells. The spring characteristics of the double-crested profile permit compression and facilitate movement through tight spots and dog-legs.
A non-welded design features the self-locking of lips for holding bows to end collars. Bows of special alloy steel are hot-formed and then tempered for optimum strength, resilience, and uniformity. The bows can also be configured for any hole diameter with a choice of various standard bow heights for optimum starting and restoring forces.