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Spiral Vane Solid Centralizer (S-23 / S-25 / S-27)

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Eneroil’s spiral vane solid centralizers were developed in response to the need for better cementing in highly deviated and horizontal wells. These centralizers are designed to provide optimum flow-by area. A reduced flow-by area between the spiral blades produces a vortex motion of the fluids to increase fluid velocity with direction.
Their spiral blades fully overlap to provide 100% wellbore coverage and increase annular turbulence in order to enhance wellbore clean-out. The extra length, meanwhile, provides the maximum centralisation for a rigid centralizer. This gentle flow from the body to the height of the vane is able to eliminate scraping, gouging, or digging into the formation, and consequently reduce balling between the vanes.Eneroil’s spiral vane solid centralizers are available in Steel Alloy (S-23),
Zinc (S-25), and Aluminium (S-27).