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Spiral Vane Thermoplastic Centralizer (S-19)

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Eneroil’s spiral vane thermoplastic centralizers are manufactured using engineered material and are designed for the maximum durability, drag, and friction downhole achievable in a centralizer. Additionally, these centralizers have lower friction factors, a rotational torque reduction, and increased abrasion resistance for a maximum stand-off. Spiral vanes help enhance hole-cleaning by using a maximised flow-by area. The vanes overlap the entire 360° open-hole circumference, which creates a vortex motion to increase fluid velocity with direction. Even without rotation, the vanes are able to induce turbulent flows for an improved cutting and filter cake removal.

Eneroil’s thermoplastic centralizers are a one-piece construction of superior-quality polymer, with optimum tensile and yield strengths, and are able to withstand high well-bore temperatures while providing a maximum horizontal stand- off.