PT Asta Bumi Cipta

OUR GOAL is to be YOUR SOLUTION, following the Company long-term vision as the Most Trusted Corporate Supplier in Indonesia. PT Asta Bumi Cipta is the jack of all trades; your one-stop solution for all your procurement needs.

Asta was established in February 2016. It was conceived by the founders while working as engineers for a leading Company in energy sectors.  the hustle and bustle within procurement of goods and services in energy sector, creates idea and opportunity for Asta being the intermediary between supply and demand.

Not just a regular dealer or intermediary” motto that keeps Asta to make a stand, even grows  during the market turmoil. Mutual growth spirit with our customers and vendors enable us to adapt and overcome any difficult situation.

Asta’s dream is to be the biggest Corporate Supplier in the nation, serving various kind of industries. We believe we are already on our track and we will continue our effort to be the biggest.

Asta Ecosystem

Asta Loka Korpora

Asta Loka Korpora as a holding of the Asta Ecosystem oversees companies that are committed to empowering anyone who wants to do business and become part of the Asta Ecosystem. We have a dream to build a business ecosystem that is sustainable and has an impact on all parties in it.

You can become part of the Asta Ecosystem and benefit from the services offered by every company under the auspices of Asta Loka Korpora.

Asta Bumi Cipta

Asta Bumi Cipta was founded in February 2016 by the founders who were still working as engineers at a leading company in the energy sector. The bustle in the procurement of goods and services in the energy sector gave rise to ideas and opportunities for Asta Bumi Cipta to become an intermediary for supply and demand.

You have the opportunity to be part of the supply chain for Asta Bumi Cipta goods.

Asta Bintang Karya

Asta Bintang Karya was founded with the commitment of its founders to empower micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and startup owners who want to start their businesses.

We offer One-stop solution business services in every business needs such as virtual offices, legal business entities (PT/CV establishment), website development services, graphic design, virtual mailbox, Zoho, and many more that will support your business in establishing their business.

Asta Tara Logistik

Asta Tara Logistik was established to facilitate the delivery of goods from within the country, be it between cities or between provinces as well as shipping goods from/to abroad (exports & imports).

You have the opportunity to use the services of Asta Tara Logistics for the logistics activities of your business.

Asta Gunadhya Finansial

Asta Gunadhya Finansial was established to help small and medium business owners or beginners (who want to grow their businesses who are constrained by costs.

You have the opportunity to get financial assistance or funding to grow your business

Our Business Model

What Do You Get From Us

Streamlined Procurement Process

We simplify the procure to pay process starting from your inquiry until the fulfillment of your needs

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