At Lyngsoe Rainwear, we have been making windproof, waterproof and breathable garments since 1999. Our Head Office is based in Herning, Denmark and from here we coordinate fabric and component suppliers into our production facilities in Europe and Asia. Finished garments are then held on stock in our Distribution Centre in Herning and sold to more than 25 countries around the world. We invest heavily in raw material and finished stock and have approximately 500,000 garments on stock at any one time.This makes Lyngsoe Rainwear one of the largest manufacturers of rainwear in Europe.

   Our Distribution Centre, gives us a stock picking capacity of more than 1,500m², optimally designed to ensure the most effective deliveries to our customers. This is then backed up by our main storage area, which gives us a total stock of 6000m², where garments are pallet racked. Our computer system, gives us optimum control and monitoring of all stock, ensuring an efficient service to all customers.

   Our goal is to be our customers key suppliers of rainwear. We can offer them a reliable supplier chain of rainwear, to ensure our customer always can have safe business and turnover of rainwear.